Swissmetal Areal

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The Swissmetal complex in Dornach proposes the transformation of a purely industrial site into a new mixed-use district. Spread along the Birs river, with a historical link to Basel’s industrial infrastructure, the distinct urban scale of the site provides the template for the integration of residential and commercial areas.


The intersection of the site’s current context with a long-term development plan overlaps existing and new, counteracting urban sprawl. In accordance with the Footprint Principle, new buildings will be constructed tracing existing structures in both size and location. This allows for the continued use of areas unaffected by construction works, extending the purposeful uses of the spaces for as long as possible.


Urban elevations are arranged throughout the site, referencing the singular buildings of Dornach. The landscape architecture creates varied identities and atmospheres for each of three superordinate bands in the north-south direction, and concurrently extends the Birspark as a green backbone along the new riverside area.

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