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The new office building marks the eastern end of the future campus of Alt-Friedrichsfelde. It becomes a landmark that defines clear outdoor spaces: the urban entrance plaza with a biotope garden in the West, the terrace of the lounge with a view over the Tiergarten in the South. In the East, a spacious wild garden forms the transition to the adjacent zoo and delivery spaces are situated to the North towards the fire station.


The compact new building plays with the contrast of inside – outside, open – closed and private – communal and combines these themes within a square atrium building. The architectural concept takes up the urban planning idea of the courtyard typology and applies it to the interior: A modern office landscape is created over several floors, each of which has both an exterior and interior reference. Furthermore, the atrium typology allows for maximum flexibility and defines three zones: The outer modular office ring, the vertical core zones and a central atrium with various inner terraces as a common space.

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