Mobilitäts-Hub Willy-Brandt-Platz

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The presented design transforms the area of the southern entrance of Krefeld main station whilst integrating new functions of car and bike sharing, bus stations, as well as gastronomy and co-working spaces. Following the course of existing train tracks, the proposed building opens up the urban block to facilitate traffic spaces and access to a recreational park. It connects to the southern station entrance and the future Promenade of Krefeld which is situated on a higher level along the tracks.


Three elements compose the Mobility Hub: the roof, the pavilion, and the base. The floating roof creates visual connections between all levels: promenade level, in-between parking levels, and the ground floor that connects to the train and bus station.


Whilst the base follows the tracks in a slight curve, the roof maintains its straight shape and therefore forms a sheltered outside space above the generous entrance plaza. It further generates a protected space between street level and facade, creating a strong connection towards the open space within the block. The base is constructed from recycled concrete, whereas the roof is a light steel construction that floats above the glass pavilion, sitting on top of the base. Transparent and translucent glass facades create visual connections to the interior building functions and become illuminant at night to increase safety and orientation.

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