416 Memorial Park

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416 Memorial Park is a space committed to strengthening the community through remembrance, healing, and participation. The linear path that cuts through the territory is a scar reminding of the pain caused by the loss of the Sewol ferry disaster victims. 


The streams of light that come into the underground spaces flood them with hope. The commemoration space presents a central patio that defines a circulation around it and provides light to the urns lining the walls of the room. 


The perforated spaces for memory symbolise the absence of the children; their loss left a void that cannot be covered. But their remembrance is the catalyst for a solid and united community built through education and participation. Thus, the spaces for learning and action take place in an uninterrupted building that emerges from the underground and rises above. 


The memorial garden spreads over the sunken exhibition and commemoration complex. The patio railings function as memorialising elements with the names of the disaster victims and the citizens who helped throughout the process.

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