Baugewerbliche Berufsschule Zürich

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The project proposes a clear structure along the Limmatstrasse to accompany the street, which strengthens the linearity of the location and at the same time takes into account the small-scale development of the immediate surroundings.


The public building with its characteristic gable roof appears as a five-storey building facing the street, and as a four-storey building facing the new Hofgarten. The inner organisation is based on the idea of a vertical as well as a horizontal two-part system, a Janus system. The classrooms arranged on one side form a unit with their generous circulation zones along the facades, which is mirrored within the cross-section. The duality of the location between street and garden, public life, and reprieve, is thus transported into the architectural concept and inner life of the school. The design of the facade corresponds to the idea of a large-scale public building with a continuous perforated facade behind which a lively and varied inner realm is concealed. The only exception is the ground floor with its large glazed areas as the arrival and reference point for the new school.

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