Heilpädagogische Schule

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The design for the of the curative pedagogy school in Bern, Switzerland is functional and yet adaptive. A straight-lined, mostly single-story building unites the key elements of the building – classrooms, administration offices, kitchen, and gym – and arranges them around an inner patio. The clear, legible, cluster-like structure creates a small campus under one roof. Clearly defined areas are designed as functional zones, providing space for the educational uses and caters to the individual needs of the students.


In addition, a more introverted, semi-public courtyard forms a sheltered open-air auditorium in the center of the building which provides an opportunity for diverse activities. This patio also aesthetically connects the different parts of the building by creating the visual impression of transparency and openness. In its arrangement, the complex integrates with the surrounding orthogonal alignment of the existing buildings. Around the school, a lavish outdoor area releases green space for activity and recreation.

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