Bern Viererfeld / Mittelfeld

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The design looks to compose a masterplan development of 1150 new apartments and public functions in the area and within the context of Viererfeld Park in Bern, where a new piece of city will emerge within a green field.


Due to the size and the desired density, the new topology cannot simply be attached to the adjacent city nor can the city simply be expanded. Thus, Topotek 1’s design aims at the creation of an independent idea of ​​a city that creates identity but still does not break from its context, offering an attractive space for the most diverse lifestyles as to be found in the modern metropolis: A city of freedom that is at the same time diverse and unified, dense and generous, narrow and spacious, sunny and shady, lively and quiet. A city with alleys and squares, gardens and parks, avenues and woods.


For this purpose, deliberately different spatial qualities will be articulated and combined in terms of urban planning for the new site of Viererfeld / Mittelfeld: On the one hand, the green area as a spacious, scenic area, and on the other hand, the dense residential and working quarters with small-scale urban spaces. As a result, the landscape in Viererfeld and Mittelfeld remains a public space that does not degenerate into the private front yard of a housing estate, and the district becomes a neighbourhood rather than an agglomeration.

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