Berufsfachschule Winterthur

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School and city share many points of contact: a school complex has neighbours, it is located in a particular district, and fulfils its educational, public and social functions there. Sharing this view of modern school architecture, we are developing a concept for the new BSF Winterthur based on the three key aspects: openness, transparency, and flexibility. The comprehensive spatial program, consisting of learning landscape, administration, gymnasium, bistro, foyer, and assembly hall, is thereby transformed into horizontal functional areas which are laid vertically on top of each other by introducing a split-level organisation. This allows connection to the sport hall gallery on level-1 and the entrance/bistro area on the ground floor, with the open learning landscape on the belvedere floor forming a single spatial unit.


A multi-storey atrium forms the centre of the complex, which is enclosed by a ring of classrooms on the upper floors. On the one hand, this spatial interlacing allows airy structures and extensive visual references, on the other hand, functional areas can be developed within short distances. By using a grid of columns and non-bearing walls, the classrooms on the upper floors can react quickly and efficiently to changes in the pedagogical service. Change and transparency are also reflected in the façade design. A lightweight, fine-mesh metal construction forms a translucent skin with inclined awnings that constantly changes with the position of the sun.

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