Chemnitz ZOB

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This commissioned study of the relocation of the central bus station, which is located at Chemnitz’s main train station, evaluates different approaches for a conceptual redesign of the area based on a detailed analysis of the site’s history, its existing traffic situation, and its various planned uses. The study includes the development of three conceptual design proposals for a roof construction that covers the entire bus station area – from the platforms, taxi ranks, and drop-off and pick-up zones to the attractive and comfortable passenger waiting zones.


Three architectural design approaches developed within the framework of Topotek 1 Architecture’s study organise the space beneath the roof into different structures. The first version proposes a grid-structured roof with transparent glass fillings to brighten the area. The structure is supported by wall elements exclusively placed in the fringe areas of the covered space, which creates a spacious and highly flexible space beneath the roof that is suitable for a range of different uses.


A second version envisages a consistent plane roof with a folded structure on its bottom side. It is perforated with square-shaped glass openings that enable an intriguing play between light and shadow with varying intensities of light penetrating below. The folded roof is supported by a grid of columns arranged in a regular structure that tilt to various directions, thus creating the impression of dancing columns.


The third architectural design concept proposes a consistent, thin, and elegant roof with punctuated by circles of various sizes, both glassed and open. Trees planted below the roof rise through the circular perforations and are accompanied by slender, filigree columns that are freely positioned to support the delicate roof. Together, the trees and columns give the station’s square the atmosphere of a hybrid forest and a sense of natural openness.

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