Konzerthaus Nürnberg

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The key component for the new Concert Hall’s design is a new, independent solitaire that complements the ensemble of the Meistersingerhalle. Continuing the typological principle of the existing building and its integration into the landscape, this concept adds a new spatial and acoustic experience to the site. By highlighting a special relationship between equality and difference, this design enhances the qualities of both buildings. It envisions a precise, large volume free of spectacular gestures, which combines architecture, usage, and urban development into a single entity that is uniquely suited to this particular location.


Within the urban planning context, the ensemble, through the addition of the new building, advances from the second to the first row on the site. By emplacing the new volume in an area previously dominated by traffic infrastructure, its strong presence strengthens the zone’s identity as a public space. A central foyer creates a connection to the park on the other side of the Concert Hall and also to the entrance areas of the different buildings. The result is a built volume with four fronts.


In contrast to the existing building of the Meistersingerhalle, the open foyer is wrapped in a transparent skin that makes the building’s interior atmosphere perceptible from the outside. Conversely, views from the building’s interior outwards into the landscape situate the building within its specific context. On the upper floors, the translucent façade creates a unique lighting atmosphere. Visitors walk along the corridors behind the façade from the open foyer into the closed concert hall and experience an exceptional spatial situation. During the day, surrounding trees are reflected in building’s facade; while at night, the volume of the concert hall glows in the dark. In a sense, the concert hall opens to the urban environment.


The design of the outdoor space continues the existing structures and reinterprets them through the consistent use of materials. A new, spacious square bundles all entrances and serves as a central meeting and arrival point. A perforation in which existing trees become strongly present in bundled form gives the site a distinctive character. The design creates an open space in which the existing landscape not only surrounds the new concert hall as a sort of theatrical backdrop, but also becomes an integral part of the interior experience.

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