Turnhalle Schadau

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The proposal for the new school and sports building in Thun, Switzerland, builds upon the existing architecture and the notions of transparency, flexibility, and preservation. The three-storey building provides for extensive natural lighting through its dynamic shed roof and panoramic windows and opens up its uses from the exterior.


The new gymnasium with a prelude wooden structure is situated on the underground floor, smoothly flowing into the gallery-like ground floor that caters to the small-scale sport facilities and enabling a view of the gym activities from the balconies. The plan of the upper floor takes into account the typology of a flexible “studio house” and opens up a wide range of possible uses by means of a special combination of an open floor plan and closed organisation.


With the construction of the new high school building, an ensemble is being created where open spaces are an inherent part of the overall concept and at the same time take into account the character of the place’s dynamics. The open spaces are not only dedicated to parking but they also offer different usage options. The parking spaces are covered with play areas and an expanded range of sports is offered in the form of a beach volleyball field.

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