Haus Kapenacker

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The former farm, rebuilt as a contemporary residence, is situated outside Luxembourg City in a quaint hamlet. Seeking to maintain architectural continuity and harmony with its neighbours, the design reconsiders the relationship of existing to new by constructing a modern reinterpretation within the same building footprint as the original house and attached barn.


Based on the same spatial division as the former building ensemble, the new residence provides two distinct living environments.
A spacious one-level living area enclosed by concrete walls punctured by two large glass openings on either end of the space’s central axis mimics the expression of the former barn but fills it with new life. The former farmhouse itself has rooms organized around a wooden core and central stair. The rooms each have comparable size, allowing for a freedom of use and exchange of functions. Doors are concealed in pockets where wooden walls stemming outwards from the core meet the exterior concrete walls, maximising efficiency and allowing for continuous and flexible circulation.


The contrasting use of wood and concrete characterise the different living spaces, while a consistent design language is maintained with a thoughtful material palette for the fenestration and decorative perforations in the exterior walls.

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