Jinhua Concert Hall

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The new Jinhua Concert Hall functions as a distinctive urban landmark within the Wubaitan Cultural Island. Half in the water, half on land, the design for the new concert hall combines elements of water, earth, and air into an interactive vertical unity that results in a constantly evolving architecture. The program units are vertically arranged in a sequence that resembles the concept of an architectural promenade. Surrounded by a range of gardens and terraces, the translucent facade creates a unique lighting atmosphere, defined by a light wooden structure and a green garden weaved into a three-dimensional space.


An ephemeral shell of solar sails enlivens the architecture and conveys current events as animated images through a media facade that visually connects with the public space of the city. The textile envelope of solar sails, digitally controlled to respond to daylight, gives the concert hall a constantly changing appearance during the day. In the night, the building transforms into a luminous media facade, that signifies the new landmark of Jinhua.


The symbiosis of a multitude of hanging gardens, terraces, and the variety of transparent, translucent, and opaque glass volumes create a fascinating interplay, and together define the interior universe of the concert hall. Commencing on the ground floor, visitors are greeted by a grand outdoor foyer that serves as the initial point of arrival. Positioned in the center is a versatile multi-purpose room, designed to host different kinds of events. At the highest point, the 1200-person concert hall offers a breathtaking cityscape, a memorable moment of the musical evening.

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