Kindertagesstätte Triftstrasse

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Based on the surrounding heterogeneous block structure in the middle of a green archipelago in the Berlin district of Wedding, the present concept develops an architectural and landscape ensemble that offers eventful outdoor play areas in the form of an east-facing terrace house on several levels within a flexible wooden construction. 


In accordance with the high demands of the spatial programme with ten group rooms, the new Triftstrasse daycare centre positions itself as a self-confident building within the open block, with private areas or garden houses to the east and the Kinderbunten Bauernhof and the Telux adventure playground to the north and west. Following the logic of open construction within the block, the new building is not positioned along the street, but along the western boundary of the plot. This creates both a small forecourt as a prelude to the daycare centre grounds and an open and generous open space to the east.


In keeping with the idea of a green play and learning landscape, the outdoor space wanders up along the terraces and ends in a school garden under the pergola on the third floor, from where there is a view over the entire site. The stacking and articulation of the storeys create a distinctive new building that skilfully plays with the different neighbourhoods and the geometry of the site.

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