Sinterbeckenplatz Belval

The former steelworks in Esch-Belval, which was once the largest of Luxembourg’s ironworks, has over the past years transformed into a post-industrial site and unique location, open for contemporary forms of usage and novel architecture. Our masterplan design is complex and nuanced. While residential areas join the existing neighbourhoods and enrich their housing supply with new forms of living, multi-usage quarters create a dense, more urban area with the possibility to supra-regional importance. The central living and working complexes serve the purposes of everyday life but also give space for specific cultural, scientific, and recreational uses. The Belval Plaza, the Rockhal, and the University contribute to the newly emerging high quality of life within a modern, elegant context. At the same time, old structures are visibly present among the new ones and create in their distinctive character a counterbalance within the contemporary urban fabric.

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