Schulhaus Schnegg

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The present design interprets the new school complex in Näfels as a „house“ – an open school house under whose wide-spanned roof everyone can come together – for learning and teaching, training and making music. The new building develops a specific two-sidedness, which shows in the interior in the form of spatial differentiation. The particular functional areas are designed as independent but diffusing units. The entrance hall, as an elongated promenade creates a semi-permeable membrane between the school and its surroundings, which enables mutual spatial pervasion. Designed as a semi-public space, it forms an open spectator area that expands the interior to the exterior. The structure of the school building can be seen in the vertical organisation of the building, which is particularly evident in the different spatial identities of the levels. While in the entrance hall and the promenade, liveliness and dynamics determine the expression of the building, the upper floor allows a safe and concentrated learning atmosphere. Here, under the flat-pitched gabled roof, four classrooms are arranged in flexible clusters structured by transparent interior walls and open roof gardens. The open spatial structure, which is nevertheless enclosed by the wide roof, as well as the light and child-friendly design, offer plenty of scope for interaction and the most diverse forms of learning.


The design of the exterior spaces also applies the principle of open spatial structures. In this sense, the west-facing playgrounds and recreation areas pick up on the external spatial references already established by the promenade.

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