Stadion Jahnsportpark

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The design of the new stadium responds to the topography of the site with a building typology that intersects the landscape and thus creates a spatial counterpart to the distinctive plain level of the complex and its adjacent Mauerpark. The geometry of the existing complex is preserved and updated into a contemporary, inclusive and unhindered concept, with a grid that marks the significance of the stadium. Despite the redesign, the historical context of the sports park remains tangible for its users. At the southern end of the boulevard, the new entrance square inherits the former stadium’s floodlight masts and creates a powerful, address-forming entrance to the Jahnsportpark and a new meeting point for the neighbourhood and the city.


At the intersection of the differently shaped spaces of the stadium and the sports park, a generous boulevard as a central meeting and activity zone along the north-south axis opens up the stadium. The morphology of the stadium is characterised by an interplay of staggered and inclined layers that occasionally push into the topography of the hill. The roof tilts counter to the uphill slope, opening the stadium volume towards the boulevard.


The position of the building on the slope of the Trümmerberg provides a fully inclusive, barrier-free access for all users. To the north and south of the stadium, two long ramps follow the topography of the hill, rising to the west. Along the slope, distributed gates give access to the tribune on all levels, allowing for a fully inclusive, barrier-free entrance to all tiers without separating people with different needs.

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