The Circle

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The Circle is based on a stringent architectural concept that is often found within the field of urban planning: “zoning.” Within the architectural sense, this topological strategy looks to demarcate the built form into separate parts that can yield a distinct character and form individual senses within the same building.


Despite this differentiation of space, each individual area shares a few common elements: one roof and a view to the outside world, offering a wide panorama of the landscape in the North. Within the built form, individually designed „houses“ are developed as independent topologies, creating a small inner city offering diverse character. These houses embody different material patterns and specific cultural programs, further distinguishing them from one another.


The building itself manifests two different facades and thus two different faces: an urban, airport-facing countenance, and a more open space, with a fronting arcade that faces the outer square. The airport-facing side creates a picture of diversity and activity. In contrast, the inner site with its proximity to the park has a rather modest character. Uniform and embodying a smooth bend, it closely follows the property’s boundary. Also essential for the concept is the fact that the individual modules are not stacked, but lined up and thereby connected. A bright gallery functions as a connection and passage, giving access to the public space of each unit.


The hill in the North is integrated into the design and forms a strong unique landscape element.

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