11. Biennale Internazionale di Architettura

The contribution to the exhibition in the Italian Pavilion is a design project about our own work. Twenty refrigerators are lined up along the wall, party stacked on top of each other and filled. The fridges speak of Topotek1’s work tactics they speak of sensibilities towards the site, and – like in a garden – they allow a glimpse into enchanting worlds. They are well filled with abstract model worlds which pick up motifs of one or several realized projects and explore them further. The refrigerators contain fans and kaleidoscopic viewing machines, sound structures, sight-twisters, and color-splashers, as well as a small library with publications by TOPOTEK1. The collage of projects is self referential and self associative. It shows details ac creates synchronicities. It is in itself a playful experiment, an open and design study. 

The boxes are related to the garden: closed, manageable realities in which the wold is regulated. The micro-climate machines, of which some will confront the viewers face with extreme temperatures, involve the visitor in an active and sensual communication. As it is the case in the open space, this communication goes well beyond visual language. As the refrigerators keep their store available almost infinitely, they might also keep some of the promises of the paradisiacal garden.

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