Paradise Remix

What happens when things show up where no one expects them? An architecture gallery is not about playing, or is it? On occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Topotek 1 office and the release of the monograph „Paradise Remix“, the installation of inflatable toys in the gallery did, however, turn it into a playground.

While the re-installation of the objects from the State Horticultural Show in Wolfsburg was an assertive micro-project, asking questions about authorship and consummation of space, it granted an experience of bridgeing playfulness and responsible seriousness. In this, the installation could be read as a metaphoric display of how Topotek 1 approaches design projects: employing surprise elements as part of a scenography of space, translocating the known into new contexts, and insisting on a directness between visitor and project. Taken into possession instantaneously by the children and more hesitantly by the adults, the pink toys fullfilled their off-site playful dimension as they kept bouncing about for the rest of the evening.

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