Creative Infidelities

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“Creative Infidelities” presents a selection of realisations by the landscape architecture studio Topotek 1. The exhibition title makes reference to Jorge Louis Borges, whose observations on translation and interpretation have had a significant influence on Topotek 1’s approach. Borges understands mistranslations and fragmentary translations as a chance for displacement and regional transpositions: a situation enriching the original rather than diminishing it. Taking inspiration from this very concept, Topotek 1 deals with compositions, forms, and content in an open and liberating manner. The exhibition itself can be seen as a response to Borges as well: Topotek 1’s work has been translated by Oliver Klimpel into a narrative interior landscape. The designer has developed a new immersive installation that is inspired by a selection of Topotek 1 projects – re-contextualising their different localities in new views and surprising combinations.

On the 20th anniversary of Topotek 1, the publication of the same name, edited by Barbara Steiner was published by jovis Verlag in 2016. Collaborators from the fields of architecture, art and design, private and public clients, specialist, planners and project managers in addition, all consider the joint projects from different perspectives.

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