Though altered by time and seasons, landscapes are generally understood as geographically fixed. The Inflatable installation invents an integrative experience that is neither site specific nor stationary. The installation is designed to travel, to be picked up, to move and to reinvent itself and its surroundings wherever it stops, instantly transforming any in- or outdoor space.

The multiple-coded and ambivalent objects change their appearance instantly upon inflation and transform every different place and context they are set in into a tactile, visual and sensitive experience. They create a provocative atmosphere attracting people to proactively interact and play with them. They are drawn by their flirtatious character and sensual presence full of surprise into a fully engaged uncommon action that generates playfulness, laughter and communication.

The set consist of twenty-four various sized, air filled spheres. Hollow, elongated donut shaped tubes, just big enough to walk through and others to crawl through, and long cylindrical pieces complete the set. Cheerfully coloured and soft to touch, the inflatable of subversive identity bounce, roll and stand on their own. Their clumsy scale and the impossibility to control them give them an absurd and energetic, playful quality.

The inflatable installation has been a revealing tool for inventive and involving landscape strategies in the development of our work. The understanding of the power of objects, of their ability to transform and to recontextualise space, communal experiences and interactions affects and characterizes many of our projects hence.

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