Luoghi e non Luoghi

The black-box is an adaptation of the garden; an engulfing space-set beyond everyday routines. It is a closed system within the Urban Design Fair 2008. Conceived to distract the visitors from whatever other issues might be on their minds, it creates a state of openness to new impressions. Visitors are in a buzzing, lit and loud environment before entering into a world apart. Once inside the box they are greeted by a variety of independent acoustic, optical or sensory impressions. Twelve small showcase stages are garnished with different sets in which actors present the showpieces as part of theatre-like scenarios. Searching for a different way to present urban furniture and products, the objects are shown as part of an urban microcosm where stark contrasts, and even surreal disproportionality enhance their role in the cities’ cultures. The different stages are oriented in all directions, next to one another, even on top of each other. All showcases have a trapezoid shape and each of the individual stages displays an autonomous scenery and show. While action does not take place simultaneously on all stages, it will follow a concise choreography. With every new active phase of the stage sets the visitors will be surprised and fascinated anew. In the rear of the exhibition space all products are displayed once more, to be touched and tested. This room with its foyer-like character on a slanted floor is a thematic sequel to the black box. The scenes of the “opera” can be discussed about and be reviewed – still inside another reality.

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