Downtown Høje Taastrup

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The vision for Downtown Høje Taastrup, a newly developed urban neighbourhood in Denmark, is a central green core that reactivates the city through activity and urban culture. The project responds to the need for housing while considering aspects of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.


The master plan focuses on a new city park. Containing play areas and sports facilities as well as green spaces and path connections, it offers various leisure options for both in- and outdoors. Through the holistic urban design approach of an active and coherent centre – a place of interaction between architecture, landscape, urban space and programme is created.


With an exemplary approach to climate resilience, the public space is disguised as the world’s longest skatepark. The topography leads and detains rainwater, while serving as a great recreational space for residents and visitors.


Considering the intense precipitation that is expected due to climate change, the water management is the central feature of the design: hundred metres of ditches, complementary reservoirs, and rain gardens are situated along the site. Rainwater is irrigated to the green areas and further on to an open rainwater pond. Additional rain- and wastewater pipes run below the site. Along its total length, the skatepark stretches up to a kilometre, ensuring the capacity to handle frequent rainstorms up to 6500 m3.


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