Bildungscampus West

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The western extension of the educational campus in Heilbronn combines spaces for study, research, and work with contemplative spaces and places for relaxation. The open areas promote a variety of uses with public spaces of different qualities. A main square, east-west boulevard, surrounding courtyards, green terraces, a natural zone by the waterfront – the composition of areas present a clear hierarchy and orientation within the new campus area.


Materiality emphasises the centrality of the main square and the east-west boulevard. A wide passe-partout of small stone pavers defines the plaza while coloured concrete elevates the centre and connects it to the boulevard. Isolated objects between buildings add to the range of activities. Seating arrangements align with the surrounding plazas and provide opportunities to gather and meet.


Existing trees will be preserved to the extent possible and supplemented with site-appropriate trees compatible with anticipated climate change. At the waterfront, existing trees are complemented with identical species and supplemented with Salix species. With the east-west boulevard dotted with linden trees, the north-south axes are lined with colourful Gleditia.


Rainwater management is integrated throughout the site – building rooftops serve as water retention roofs; retention ponds on the eastern side collect and direct water southwards underground; excess storm water is collected in a central retention area; the main green terrace area simultaneously serves as an infiltration system of water from the surrounding areas of the site.

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