Wohnquartier Living Isar

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The Living Isar district is a new living quarter in Munich – an urban development right next to the verdant greenery of the Isar River. The open spaces of the quarter are divided into private, communal, and publicly usable spaces, all kept free of private vehicular traffic.


The courtyards feature private gardens and public areas for recreation and play. A network of equal-ranking paths connects the building sites to each other as well as to the surrounding streets. Cutting through the centre of the development is a public green zone and main playground that is accessible from all sides and leads to the Isar meadows.


Play areas integrated throughout the site are an integral part of the design concept and the utilisation of the site. A neutral colour scheme complements the architecture, while a variety in materiality creates an appealing combination of elements. Large park trees (tilia tomentosa silver lindens) and smaller trees (catalpa bignonioides and sorbus torminalis checker trees) accentuate the desired park character of the development. While the positioning of trees follows the course of the play areas on the site, taller and densely growing grasses and plants create a vegetal barrier between play zones and adjacent paths.

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