Gartenstraße 21

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A small intervention in the courtyard of the residential and commercial building designed by Gruber and Popp on Gartenstraße 21 in Oranienburg, is an open-framework space that creates an interior-like „shed.“ The residents are invited to use the clean-cut wooden deck that assumes multiple ways of use around the year. The entrance to the courtyard is marked by a bright orange portal that creates a frame for the structure inside.


A large colourful number 21 is painted on the ground to improve navigation. A large wooden deck was built in the place of a former shed in the back lot building. Wood planks of varying widths provide a playful spatial rhythm to the generous deck, echoing the material of the balconies on the façade. The wooden walls that define the lot’s perimeter form a vertical continuation of the deck’s pattern.


“The garden gnomes will come by themselves,” Mrs M, local resident.

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