Aabenraa Midtby

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Competing usage patterns had resulted in a counterintuitive spatial structure in the Danish small town of Aabenraa. In the course of the comprehensive redesign, Topotek 1, together with ADEPT, developed a vibrant new topology in which the diverse dimensions of contemporary urban life can interact in a dynamic way while respecting the heterogenous character of public space and activity.


Referencing the existing materials and color palate, each central public plaza of Aabenraa was redesigned on a single ground plane and characterised with a clear geometric and modern design. This creates a shared space for cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. The main plaza now offers several oversized umbrellas and flexible furniture, making it usable for any kind of event. A circular wooden bench that was specially designed for this space invites visitors to linger and rest. Overall, the concept for the redesign of Aabenraa Midtby encompasses a consequent yet unconventional approach towards current site conditions, especially regarding the used materials and elements that establish a legible and accessible topology.

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