Gebietsplanung Unterfeld

At the convergence of the municipality of Zug and the village of Baar in Switzerland, urban sprawl has been developing over the years. In order to turn the area into an attractive organized district, the project seeks to create a green central destination with an accent on water. The result is a new park that is rich in biodiversity and serves as a gathering point for the locals.


As the central element of the new park is a swimmable pond, the landscape design incorporates typical water trees for the area — willows and black poplars — that lead the visitors to the waterside. Encouraging the notion of sustainability, the park features a sophisticated water management system that collects all the water from the site in the pond. Thus, locals are able to enjoy the reservoir and appreciate the modern approach. Towards the north end of the park, a children’s play fountain helps regulate water levels in the pond, only turning on when the weather is warm. 


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