Assistenzbau Villa Baltic

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The historic site of Villa Baltic emphasizes openness and permeability. Nestled within a park, the arrangement features two new pavilions, well integrated within the ensemble. The historic avenue leading to the villa is restored, and the overall public space is redesigned as a public park, integrating the existing  playground.


The slender constructions of the two new pavilions with layers of verandas and pergolas, create an inviting and elegant appearance. This architectural approach ensures accessibility from all sides, with thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces extending in every direction. To the west, the public park is preserved as a broad, open green space, serving as a buffer to the Ostseeallee and the beach promenade. To the east, a two-sided entrance courtyard provides a welcoming entry point, forming a functional and aesthetic bridge between the old and new structures, while highlighting their complementary roles.


The surrounding verandas act as architectural filters between the public park and private spaces, offering guests semi-private outdoor seating with views of the sea or park. A spa with indoor and outdoor pools, enclosed by a green pergola, provides shade and privacy while integrating with the park’s landscape, maintaining an open and natural feel. The overall design minimizes disruptions to the park, aiming to restore and enhance the historical landscape garden while ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for both guests and the public.

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