Neugestaltung Hermann-Levi-Platz

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The proposal for the State Theatre square is dictated by its historical context: the shapes of the design elements repeat the urban grid sections of the Idealstaadt of Karlsruhe, a city that was initially designed as a perfect circle with roads as rays starting at its centre. The green planted islands and sculptural seating take on the patterns of the landscape cut by connections seen from above. This geometry also echoes the fragmentation of the theatre thus strengthening the relationship between the square and the building. Local species of trees are planted close to each other, as if they have been cut out from a forest, highlighting Karlsruhe’s urban connection to nature. The dense planting helps the microclimatic qualities and at the same time ensures shade in the public space.


The concrete elements feature greenery and seating together; planted pots in various sizes are surrounded by slightly raised benches, allowing the visitor to sit close to the plants. Facing each other, the benches of the planted fragments offer a place for communication, thus creating a cosy public space for urban society. Beginning at the cross between Kriegsstrasse and Ettlingerstrasse, the fragments are closely laid out and form small-scale rooms, interrupted by two larger openings that loosen up the nooks and crannies. The fragmented structure opens up towards the state theater and offers sufficient space for various events. A guidance system for the blind placed on the surface of the forecourt leads from the two most important points – the planned lift and the Ettlinger-Tor-Platz – in the shortest possible way through the planted fragments directly to the main entrance of the State Theater.

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