Barilla Pavilion

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The essential idea of the Barilla Pavilion project in Pedrignano, Italy, is to convey the traditional Italian family company attitude and create a comfortable and learning agricultural environment for the visitors and employees. Inspired by the linear shape of wheatear, the landscape design approach creates a vibrant park housing the new pavilion that offers educational entertaining strips of demonstrative cultivations.


As innovative agriculture is an integral part of the company, it occupies an important part of the park. The large experimental field is used by Barilla to train employees to the company’s sustainable attitude towards the territory. As they wander along paths, the visitors witness the spearheading efforts of Barilla in the fields of agriculture, nutrition, and environment. 


The new gardens become an extension of the Barilla Pavilion with complementary activities. They adopt a wheatear-inspired form to provide an aesthetic and productive and didactic experience that can be used and enjoyed by all. 


The paths and open spaces are lit with dim, energy-efficient warm light while trees are lit from the bottom to highlight their sculptural presence. At night, when the surrounding landscape becomes less apparent, the Barilla Pavilion has the opportunity to generate an evening scene on its own, with sequences or coloured light, seen from a distance.

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