Brno Main Train Station

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The landscape concept for the public space surrounding Brno Central Station supports the proposed urban and architectural approach for the site. As a continuation of the future boulevard for the new urban development adjacent to the station, a wide-open green space along the north edge of the station offers a new link between the historical centre, the former walled city, and the natural green space along the Svratka River. The open space surrounding the new station allows for a natural flow of people to move freely through the area. The interior materiality of the station is extended into the city while the concrete pavement underlines the most intensively used paths and anchors the station to its surroundings by leading visitors to its main entrances. The slightly different tones of grey used for the paved surfaces creates a hierarchy between the flow of pedestrians and more passive areas where round benches allow for a moment to pause or offer a point for friends to meet.


The slightly lowered sport and activity areas at the promenade along the Svratka River function as a large water management system and are designed to withstand flooding from the river during an extreme event. During a regular rain event, water will be collected in the green areas and conveyed, if needed, to the river. In the case of a particularly heavy rainstorm, the sequence of lowered sport and activity areas are designed to receive and hold a substantial amount of water. Three groups of planting have been identified for the retention areas, specifically corresponding to different lighting conditions. This builds three particular tree species planted throughout the paved areas in order to create surprising accents in the square. Throughout the seasonal changes, the flowering of selected plants creates a pleasant gradient between yellow and blue tones.

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