Campus "Moulon"

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The urban development project of ZAC „Moulon“ is concerned with the construction of a student residence in the French commune of Gif-sur-Yvette in Paris-Saclay. As a contemporary area of high functional standard and quality of life, the master plan includes a wide park landscape, expanding infrastructure and the careful integration of existing buildings into the newly planned housing structures.


A core element of the new campus landscape is a public park that connects the new residential buildings. The edifices smoothly enclose the green corridor that will give space for leisure and local recreation, while also serving inhabitants with a more community oriented space.


In the garden, various native species of Sorbus bring shade and freshness. A woody traverse, designed as a pedestrian precinct forms a non-geometric space. Planted hollows allow rainwater infiltration and foster the development of biodiversity within the garden. Two different concrete slab types form an informal way system that allows for various programs to unfold in the green surrounding.


Along the Joliot-Curie promenade, widespread public spaces will further support commercial functions and host relevant infrastructural elements. Traffic-ways connect the four directions of the new neighbourhood and ensure access to public transport towards the city center of Paris.


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