Heritage Walk Lucknow "Husainabad"

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Throughout the northern Indian city of Lucknow, a broad cultural heritage constantly merges with the rhythms of contemporary urban life, within a suspenseful setting. Our concept for the Heritage Walk in the old town of “Husainabad” aimed at creating a city parquet: a pedestrian-oriented public space which simultaneously fosters a profound visual bond between open space and the historic buildings unified by corresponding paving.


As a continuous 1,3 kilometre plane, Lucknow Heritage Walk connects a sequence of vertical monuments between Chota Imambara and Bada Imambara. By involving the existing pedestrianisation network, it fosters the idea of a walkable city in a rather energetic location, situated within a typically car-dominated urban environment and thereby improves the urban situation for pedestrians and bikers. Acting in careful compliance with the local preservation regulations, the design uses minimal interventions to elaborate a direct formal language, which transforms the civic aspects of the existing site condition.


A distinct graphic layering of three different, native varieties of red sandstone and clay brick references local building traditions. As a visual anchor the material palette of the reformed site consolidates the surroundings, aligning to the nearby monuments. Extra tree lanes provide shady groves assuring pedestrian flow while planters align with pavement areas equipped with furniture, lighting, signage and seating. The walk finally emerges as a functional, pedestrian connection with a strong identifying bond to the past.

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