Cultural Precinct, Gold Coast

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The first significant shift in the design of the Cultural Precinct, a striking new cultural destination in the Gold Coast, Australia, is based on an analysis of today’s urban landscapes and cultural topologies. Change and unpredictability are essential components of our era and of its spaces. The design of the Cultural Precinct incorporates this idea. It is much less about a fixed and static shaping of space, and more about a generative, flexible sculpture open to timely evolution and the shifting of usage patterns. At the same time, the design speaks a clear and consistent formal language. By unfolding a modular system of Voronoi cells over the entire site, a dynamic spatial sculpture emerges. As a flexible frame, it can easily adapt to local contingent conditions. It thus produces a highly differentiated structure, translating and materializing multiple inputs into form. As a net, it connects indoor and outdoor spaces and activities, envelopes existing structures, generates a heterogeneous mosaic of  landscapes and eventually enhances the potential of the site.


Despite the modularity of the system, the generated spaces are infinitely changeable and animated, thanks to the capability of the frame to contain a wide range of “cells” – varying not only in shape but also in volume, materialisation, and programme. The mix of atmospheres, activities, and uses condense into a cellular, non-hierarchical structure which creates a strong civic and cultural core for the area.

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