Dreieich Plaza

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The landscape design of the Dreieich Plaza is driven by linear patterns of the surrounding architecture by Seifert Planung. The project creates a carpet that unifies the square with all adjacent courtyards and stages a visually and functionally engaging scene of minimalistic design elements well-fitted greenery. 


The almost textile-like surface of the paving codes the hybrid area in finely-nuanced dark and light bands and inscribes the built-in furniture into the surface. Rhythmically placed benches and trees provide shaded places for seating with a view to the circular fountain, secluded by a ring of greenery. 


The small, individually-designed courtyards in the buildings slightly alter the topography with vegetative mounds. These gardens, together with the open spaces, define a coherent and representative overall ensemble that is subtly set into the neighbourhood through a quiet park landscape.

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