Blaugrüner Ring

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The old town centre of Düsseldorf, located on the western side of the Rhine, is characterised by numerous solitary art and cultural institutions as well as evidence of historical garden design. The idea of the „Blue-Green Belt“ by the Rhineland garden architect Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe is considered the central urban planning design element of this area. Our proposal suggests a respectful interpretation of Weyhe’s concept and revolves around two key aspects: the reorganisation of traffic and the enhancement of water reference. By extending the bank tunnel and covering the parking spaces near the bank with a cantilever construction, a car-free, public city terrace is created which unfolds an entirely new typology by opening the existing buildings along the promenade towards the Rhine and providing space for various temporary uses.


Our redesign of existing traffic facilities is not only aimed at improving inner-city qualities, it also optimises the connections between open spaces, cultural facilities, and the numerous water elements, which act like blue stepping stones in the urban space. Thus every cultural institution has an intense relationship with water which contributes significantly to the impression of an unbroken blue-green urban landscape.

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