Düsseldorf Arcaden

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For the Arcaden project in Düsseldorf, a former freight station is transformed into a new residential and commercial quarter, which simultaneously serves greater functions for the surrounding neighbourhood. The project takes full advantage of the site’s existing condition: as the station was mounted on an elevated plateau, the new shopping mall is buried into what used to be the lower part of the transportation hub, avoiding an interruption of the urban landscape by a massive retail structure. In the meantime, the rooftop of the building turns into a park with diverse programming.


A row of plane trees accompanies the topography along the adjacent street that features an impressive composition of ramps and stairs. The new building completes the ensemble with a small square and opens access to the inner spaces of the quarter, a quiet park area, planted with gingko trees. The park offers diverse activities for users of any age. Multiple sport courts, playgrounds, recreational sitting areas, and simple lush lawns invite the locals and visitors to socialise and interact or, on the contrary, find a calm place to rest.

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