Bildungslandschaft Altstadt Nord

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Bildungslandschaft Altstadt Nord is an educational complex, the overall design approach of which derives from the shape of the pre-existing brick building – the new pentagonal buildings and distorted paths echo the zig-zag outline of the structure.


In order to provide a safe space for the children, the facility is organised around an enclosed square with a library building at its core, where the monochrome paving material mirrors the hues of the architecture. The path system is designed to interlock the spaces and building clusters of the complex through a new wide course of the pavement, while enabling a secure connection to the adjacent park.


The rear part of the complex provides for mixed-use by the children and staff, featuring public spaces of various materials, which connect the site with its surroundings. The kindergarten and the school buildings each have their own open areas in favour of individual use without disturbance of the other educational structures. In line with this idea, the elementary school receives a protected and enclosed schoolyard facing the south, while the kindergarten is equipped with an outdoor area placed on two levels looking towards the park. The upper level of the playground consists of two roofs and is paved with orange rubber mulch that highlights the artificiality of the place. Attached to the secondary school and in addition to the open area integrated into the park, a courtyard acts as an exterior extension of the building, offering generous outdoor space.

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