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On the occasion of its 350th anniversary, the location of Merck KGaA has been expanded to an innovative technology and knowledge campus of representative character. The basis for the redesign was an encompassing urban planning approach, which optimally integrates private and public structures and connects the formerly enclosed areas of the factory premises to the urban realm. In the spirit of an intensivied urban accentuation, the company area was refined with a system of squares, planted avenues, and new buildings. The core element is the Emanuel Merck Square, which seamlessly connects the public space with the existing site and at the same time strong visual impact. As a new representative access it has distributive function for the spacious grounds and links innovation center, staff restaurant, modular buildings, and historic buildings. Harmoniously, the intervention has successfully integrated the company location, which has existed at this location since 1668, into the new urban structures.


In its lucid layout, our design emphasises the spatial and aesthetic qualities of a coherent material and form concept. A light covering of natural stone and clearly defined green areas with lush vegetation such as plane trees, groves of cedar oaks result in a natural modern ambience which increases the qualities of the site for visitors and Merck’s staff. In the Western entrance areas, walk-in in-situ concrete sculptures were created to stronger accentuate the central plaza. A transparent glass fence creates the necessary separation of public and private spaces while preserving the visual unity and vastness. A second key element of the master plan is the Quartiersplatz chemistry, which is an important hub for the employees.

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