ESS Lund

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Designed by tracing the diagram of forces resulting from the scientific processes occurring within, the ESS takes shape of an underground secret lab camouflaging under a public landscaped roof. The cover of the mysterious research centre provides for fair land-to-use exchange, so the locals can enjoy the elevated green park as a give-back for the site that is now occupied by the neutron scattering research centre. 


The radial distribution of measuring stations, the acceleration chambers and the workspaces are scattered around the central monolith according to the specific requirements of each program. Rather than imposing form on internal processes, we have sought to draw their outline – to tailor the frame to its content. The ESS becomes a continuous building form that creates the optimum conditions for encounters and exchange between the various groups of users. 


Three wings, separated by beautifully landscaped courtyards, extend from the target building; an administration, public and general use facility, a user area and laboratory wing and a guest house wing. The entire facility is daylit and users will almost never lose sight of the exterior as they go about their day.

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