Entwicklungsplan Freiham Nord

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In the context of comprehensive urban planning measures, a new attractive neighbourhood with a housing capacity for around 20.000 inhabitants will emerge in Freiham-Nord, a developing district of Munich in Bavaria, Germany. As a major urban planning project expected to be created over the next 20 to 30 years, bearing a large-scale impact, the proposed master plan presents an encompassing and conceptual basis for the planning and construction implementation. 


A special feature of the site, the area of Freiham, which is situated in the outskirts, but within close proximity to Munich’s urban centre, blurs the line between nature and culture, between urban structure and open landscape. Against the background of this hybridity, the master plan aims at a balanced relationship between built fabric and open space as a backbone for the qualitative planning of a contemporary urban site. The central concern of the master plan is therefore the coherent, functional intertwining of urban and landscape design frameworks. Furthermore, it proposes a model for an effective interrelation of ecological urban development aspects.


Reconciled with the current and future demands of the city, the concept of an „energy-oriented urban development“ illustrates the high sustainability claim of the development strategy. Not only fulfilling minimum requirements and energy-saving goals (such as reducing CO2 emissions) but considering sustainability in a wider scope, this master plan proposes a vision of energy-oriented urban development that aligns growth and density with efficiency and social compatibility.

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