Gewerbecampus Elsenstraße

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The landscape design concept for the new commercial campus Elsenstraße takes full advantage of available free space by creating a functional network of programmed roofs and courtyards that provide for various experiences throughout the complex. The mixed-use destination that offers facilities for trade, production, co-working and workshops, as well as showrooms and gastronomy, thus completes its programming with spaces for leisure, physical activities, and socialising.


The four courtyards that provide access to the buildings each have a special colour-coded design that applies to planting and furniture:

the northern courtyard is purple; the north-western one is yellow; to the south of the central blue square, another courtyard opens up with its red maple species. The last one in the southwest has a classic yet modern look and is greened up by a grove of birch trees.


The central square is an essential part of the water management concept. While the rainwater from the building roof surfaces is first collected on-site on retention roofs and later drained into the groundwater through green, permeable ground surfaces, the water from the surrounding streets is collected centrally on the square and later also drained into the groundwater via the slightly sunken surfaces.

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