Vom Goetheplatz zum Goethegarten

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The redesign of Goetheplatz to Goethegarten aims to create an inviting, climate-effective garden at the city center. The project involves transforming the current narrow passages connecting the square to Humboldtstrasse into a bright, visually connected space, enhancing the link between Goethegarten, Humboldtstrasse, the public transportation system, and the southern inner-city area.


A new staircase leading to a bright passageway connects Humboldtstrasse and Goethegarten, and simplifies pedestrian access while eliminating the current underpass. Densified street tree plantings along Humboldtstrasse contribute to a green streetscape resilient to changing climatic conditions. A glass panoramic elevator provides barrier-free access from street level to the square, where commercial spaces, including a childcare facility and stores, transform the underpass into a vibrant urban area. Greening the roof of the childcare facility, serves as both an infiltration area for rainwater and an aesthetic enhancement. Straightening commercial space fronts in the passageway below enhances openness and spaciousness.


Goethegarten itself features intensified greenery, creating a central garden with recreational spaces, seating steps, a children’s playground, and a water feature for summer cooling. To promote biodiversity, the arrangement of islands in and the eastern square walls are planned for greening with diverse vegetation, offering habitats for various species. Low-maintenance plants ensure simplicity in upkeep.


Illumination plans include suspended luminaire systems to light shaded areas. The reuse of cobblestones from Goethegarten and their incorporation into the redesigned passageway integrates the elements into a cohesive design unit.

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