GTI-GOLF Skulptur

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The sculptural open space installation located at the entrance to Wolfburg pays tribute to Volkswagen, the main actor in the Geman automobile industry whose headquarters are based in the city. Thus, the project plays with the issue of scale: an oversized VW Golf welcomes visitors to the small city of Wolfburg and becomes the main landmark of the place. 


Creating a dynamic shape in the section of a significant bend, the terrain next to the street has been heaped up. Exposed on the accumulated little hill, a plain white model of a VW Golf car, out of scale and bigger than in reality, draws the attention of the passers-by and, with its provoking appearance, creates a surreal ambience and atmosphere, subtly staging the local product as an artistic object in public open space. The installation acts as a decoration of the city entrance and pays tribute to the history of the German automobile industry at the same time.

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