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Hardenbergplatz represents a hybrid typology, a mobility hub of the City West linking the landscapes of the Tiergarten and the Zoologischer Garten within the urban context. The design captures the unique urban development qualities of its surrounding, and further elaborates the interaction between street, park, and station.


Aiming to revive urban coherence and to restore fragmented visual and spatial relationships, the design engages with the diverse functions of the site and restructures its components. The paving surrounding the station functions as a pattern that reactivates the station building. Like a homogeneous fabric, it conveys the programme and provides orientation for pedestrians.


The typologies of the street and of the promenade restructure the public space. As a result, the subspaces are clearly defined within this spatial network: the street links the site to the city and the generous layout of the promenade forms a bracket to the neighbouring park. The park, in dialogue with the railway station, makes the historical connections of the area visible and tangible. Based on these notions, Hardenbergplatz acquires its own identity and becomes a flexible network of mobility and public space.

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