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The starting point for the new design of Henriette-Herz-Platzis the need to create an ambiguous public space that features a transportation hub between Hackescher Markt and Hackesches Quartier into a unified space. The new square offers an attractive public space to the south of the restaurants located in the arches below the S-Bahn station. The design is primarily derived from the existing: in front of each archway, a patio, distinguished from the others by different materials, can be used for the various cafes. 


A new series of ash trees complement the existing line of trees and define the western side. A lighting scheme ensures a safe transit to the residence at night. The existing surface of small granite cobbles has been maintained. In front of each archway is a terrace made of large concrete slabs (90 x 60 cm). The height of the S-Bahn building lowers significantly to the east, a difference mitigated in two stages and a lateral edge. Three benches of architectural-grade concrete are placed between the newly created tree rows.

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