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Though exposed to changing seasons and cultivation, the concept of landscape is generally understood as enduring and geographically fixed . Topotek 1’s land art installation “Inflatables“ questions this notion of time – and space – relatedness and presents an insightful opportunity to create something

deeply spatial but not locally bound.


The installation consists of inflatable objects and cubes made of foam and rubber, all cheerfully colored in two complimentary shades of pink. The elements are neither site specific nor stationary: Contextless themselves, they transform the inner and outer landscapes in which they unfold into sites of provocative visual and tactile experience, inviting us to experience moments of imagination and play. With their distinct design and color, the objects further create a specific phenomenology, contrasting especially the pristine aesthetics of typical landscape elements such as grass, stone, tree bark, and leaves.


First exhibited at the 2004 Wolfsburg Horticultural Show in Germany, the Inflatables by now have travelled to many different places and served as an inventive landscape strategy in the context of public events, installations, art festivals, and architecture exhibitions from Berlin to Shanghai.

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