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Jubilieumsparken is a 27.000 m2 site at the heart of a soon to be large-scale development along the formerly industrial waterfront in Gothenburg. Our approach draws upon the benefits of an open, flexible, and permanently transformative public space. Thus, central to the project is the development of a new typology of the public park, which on the one hand, is based on an update of the relations between built and natural structures, and on the other hand, on a process-oriented understanding of the functionalities and usage forms of public spaces.


The plot is divided into the Play and Learn Park (located along the western side of the central basin), Park 113 (north and east of the central basin), and the Blue Park swimming area. Here, an Olympic-length elevated floating swimming pool, which integrates the existing sauna, is planned. The pool is designed as several shipyard-inspired “islands” which also reflect the historic character of the site. Onshore, the entrance area and the “carpet” area define the two main plots. The entrance area is a flexible, welcoming space to be utilised by the incoming museum for performances and exhibitions. The carpet area, set before an existing industrial warehouse, is an undulating surface that creates hills for planting trees on the pier. It generates differentiated zones where a collection of objects – pyramidal seating and play structure, boxing ring and stage, and a roller derby track – find place.

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